Black and White Whisky Price Mumbai 2023 [Updated List]

Black & White whisky is another popular choice among whisky lover in Mumbai. If you are in a Mumbai and want to purchase this blended Scotch whisky, in this article we provide latest and updated information about Black and White whisky price Mumbai.

Black & White whisky is a well-known blended Scotch whisky. Made by blending different types of whisky from various distilleries in Scotland. Known for its smooth and approachable flavor profile.

black and white whisky price mumbai

Black and White Whisky price in Mumbai

Brand Volume Price
Black And White Scotch 1000ml ₹3400
Black And White Scotch 750ml ₹2600
Black And White Scotch 375ml ₹1300
Black And White Scotch 180ml ₹655
Black And White Scotch 60ml ₹240

The price of Black & White Whisky in Mumbai can vary depending on locations, variants and bottle size. For current price, visit your near liquor shop in your city.

About Black & White Whisky

Black & White whisky produced by Diageo in Scotland. In Mumbai, it’s commonly available in liquor stores, bars, restaurant.

Brand name Black & White
Type Scotch whisky
Introduced 1879
Country Scotland
Manufacturer Diageo


Q. What is packaging size available for Black & White whisky in Mumbai?

A: Generally, Black & White whisky available in 180ml, 375ml, 750 ml.

Q. What is the price of black and white whiskey 750ml in Mumbai?

A: Cost of Black And White Scotch whisky is around 2600 for 750ml bottle.

Q. Where can I buy Black & White whisky in Mumbai?

A: You can buy Black & White whisky at various liquor stores, restaurants and bars.

Q. What is the price of black and white 1L in Mumbai?

A: Black & White Blended Whisky 1000ml price is around ₹3400.

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