Kingfisher Beer Price in Pune [August 2023]

When it comes to drinking a pleasant beer in Pune, Kingfisher Beer is definitely one of the most popular options among both residents and visitors. Kingfisher, a well-known Indian beer brand, provides a variety of choices to satisfy a variety of tastes.

In this post, we shall explore the world of Kingfisher beer and its costs in Pune. Whether you’re a beer connoisseur or just interested about the price, keep reading to find out all you need to know.

Brand name Kingfisher Beer
Alcohol Percentage 4.8%
Origin of Country India
Manufacturer United Breweries Group
Introduced in Year 1857
Volume Available 330ml, 500ml, 550ml, 650ml,
Official Website

History of Kingfisher Beer

Kingfisher Beer has a rich history dating back to 1857 when it was first brewed by British businessman Sir Edward Dyer in Bangalore, India. Over the years, they become synonymous with quality, taste, and reliability. It has established itself as a leading brand in the Indian beer market and gained popularity worldwide.

Kingfisher beer price in Pune 2023

Brand and Volume Price
Kingfisher Ultra Witbier 330 ml ₹140
Kingfisher Ultra Witbier 500 ml ₹170
Kingfisher Ultra Witbier 650 ml ₹200
Kingfisher Strong 330ml ₹105
Kingfisher Strong 500ml ₹135
Kingfisher Strong 650ml ₹180
Kingfisher Ultra Max 500ml ₹170
Kingfisher Ultra Max 650ml ₹210
Kingfisher Ultra 330ml ₹130
Kingfisher Ultra 500ml ₹160
Kingfisher Ultra 650ml ₹200
Kingfisher Premium 330ml ₹110
Kingfisher Premium 500ml ₹135
Kingfisher Premium 650ml ₹190

Please note that these prices are indicative and subject to change. It’s always recommended to check the current prices at the store or establishment you plan to visit.

Types of Kingfisher Beer

Kingfisher offers a wide range of beer varieties to cater to different preferences. Here is the most popular choices include:

1. Kingfisher Premium Lager

Kingfisher Premium Lager is the flagship product of the brand. It is a crisp and refreshing beer with a smooth taste and a well-balanced flavor profile. This beer is often the go-to option for those seeking a classic, easy-drinking experience.

2. Kingfisher Draught

Kingfisher Draught is a fresh and unpasteurized beer that is directly poured from kegs. It is known for its creamy texture and distinctive taste. This beer is commonly found in bars and pubs, where it is served on tap, ensuring a delightful experience for beer enthusiasts.

3. Kingfisher Ultra

Kingfisher Ultra is a premium beer known for its smoothness and mild bitterness. It offers a more refined and sophisticated taste, making it popular among beer connoisseurs. This beer is often enjoyed on special occasions or when looking for a more elevated drinking experience.

4. Kingfisher Strong

Kingfisher Strong is a full-bodied beer with a higher alcohol content. It appeals to those who enjoy a bolder and more robust flavor. The higher alcohol percentage provides an extra kick, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a stronger beer.

Where you can buy Kingfisher Beer in Pune?

Kingfisher Beer is widely available across various retail outlets, including liquor stores, supermarkets, and convenience stores, throughout Pune. You can easily find Kingfisher Beer in both canned and bottled forms, depending on your preference. It is advisable to check local regulations regarding the legal drinking age and hours of alcohol sale before making a purchase.

Some factors Influencing Kingfisher Beer Prices

In this date there are many factors contribute to the pricing of Kingfisher Beer in Pune. These factors include:

  1. Taxes and Duties: The imposition of taxes and duties by the government affects the overall cost of alcoholic beverages, including Kingfisher Beer.
  2. Distribution and Logistics: Transportation costs, warehousing fees, and other logistical factors can influence the final retail price of Kingfisher Beer.
  3. Packaging and Format: The type of packaging, such as cans or bottles, and the size of the product can impact the pricing.
  4. Demand and Competition: Market demand and competition from other beer brands also play a role in determining the price of Kingfisher Beer.
Kingfisher Beer alcohol percentage

Kingfisher Beer contains 4.8% alcohol

Popular Places to Buy Kingfisher Beer in Pune

In Pune, there are numerous places where you can purchase Kingfisher Beer. Some of the popular options include:

  1. Liquor Stores: Local liquor stores and wine shops offer a wide selection of alcoholic beverages, including Kingfisher Beer. These stores often have competitive prices and convenient opening hours.
  2. Supermarkets and Hypermarkets: Major supermarkets and hypermarkets in Pune stock Kingfisher Beer, making it easily accessible for customers.
  3. Online Delivery Services: Several online platforms offer home delivery of alcoholic beverages, including Kingfisher Beer. These services provide the convenience of ordering from the comfort of your home.

Enjoying Kingfisher Beer at Restaurants and Bars

Pune boasts a vibrant dining and nightlife scene, with many restaurants and bars serving Kingfisher Beer. Whether you’re looking for a casual dining experience or a lively pub atmosphere, you can find establishments that offer Kingfisher Beer on their menus. Enjoy the refreshing taste of Kingfisher Beer while socializing with friends or savoring delicious food.


Q. Who is Kingfisher Beer owner?

United Breweries Group is the owner of Kingfisher Beer.

Q. What is Kingfisher beer 12 pack price ?

If you are considering checking the Kingfisher 12-pack beer price in Pune, then we can say that it is around INR 840. It is the most popular beer gifting pack as well.

Q. What is Kingfisher Beer Can price?

In Pune Kingfisher beer can price is starting form 80 RS TO 150 RS

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