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Lion Daddy Rum is a dark rum blended with matured Jamaican rum, crafted by the Alcobrew Group. It’s known for its bold, rich, and dark flavor profile, with notes of molasses, caramel, oak, and spices. It comes in two different varieties like the original dark rum and a coffee-infused version called “Lion Daddy Cafe Rum.”

It’s available in India and is gaining popularity today for its unique taste and traditional rum-making approach.

  • Type: Dark rum
  • Origin: Blended, with matured Jamaican rum as a key component
  • Manufacturer: Alcobrew Group
  • Flavor profile: Bold, rich, and dark, with notes of molasses, caramel, oak, and spices.
  • Percentage of Alcohol: 42.8% ABV

lion daddy rum price

750ml Lion daddy rum price In India

Brand Name and State Quantity (ml) Price (INR)
Lion daddy rum price in delhi 750ml ₹650
Lion Daddy Goa 750ml ₹580
Lion Daddy Gujarat 750ml ₹680
Lion Daddy Haryana 750ml ₹650
Lion Daddy Himachal Pradesh 750ml ₹660
Lion Daddy Jammu and Kashmir 750ml ₹680
Lion Daddy Odisha 750ml ₹640
Lion Daddy Karnataka 750ml ₹620
Lion Daddy Kerala 750ml ₹660
Lion Daddy Madhya Pradesh 750ml ₹640
Lion Daddy Maharashtra 750ml ₹620
Lion Daddy Jharkhand 750ml ₹640
Lion Daddy Punjab 750ml ₹660
Lion Daddy Rajasthan 750ml ₹680
Lion Daddy Sikkim 750ml ₹680
Lion Daddy Tamil Nadu 750ml ₹650
Lion Daddy Telangana 750ml ₹620
Lion Daddy Uttar Pradesh 750ml ₹650
Lion Daddy Uttarakhand 750ml ₹660
Lion Daddy West Bengal 750ml ₹650

Lion daddy rum price Punjab

Brand Qty Price
Lion Daddy Original Dark Rum Price 180 ml ₹150
Lion Daddy Original Dark Rum Price 375 ml ₹310
Lion Daddy Original Dark Rum Price 750 ml ₹620
Lion Daddy Original Dark Rum Price 1000 ml ₹730

If you want to buy lion daddy rum in army canteen then It’s come in very cheapest price is ₹165.55.

Lion Daddy Dark Rum History

The most likely scenario is that Lion Daddy Dark Rum is actually a blend of various matured rums from Jamaica, sourced by Alcobrew Group and brought to India for blending, aging, and bottling. This explains the emphasis on “matured Jamaican rum” in their description.

Another possibility is that Lion Daddy Dark Rum is an original recipe by Alcobrew Group, inspired by and incorporating matured Jamaican rum as a key component. This adds a uniquely Indian twist to the traditional Jamaican rum style.


Q. What type of rum is Lion Daddy Dark Rum?

A major ingredient in this blended black rum is aged Jamaican rum. Because of this, it has a taste profile that is strong, rich, and complex, with notes of caramel, molasses, oak, and spices.

Q. What are the different varieties of Lion Daddy Rum?

Lion Daddy Rum  comes in two different types Original Dark Rum: The classic, bold, and flavorful dark rum and Lion Daddy Cafe Rum: A coffee-infused version, offering a unique twist on the original flavors.

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