Maqintosh Whisky price in Delhi [August 2023]

MaQintosh whisky is popular brand of whisky in India and also available in the city of Delhi. If you’re interested in purchasing MaQintosh whisky in Delhi, and known about MaQintosh prices please check below updated list for MaQintosh whisky Price in Delhi. So that you can purchase it from nearest alcohol shop.

MaQintosh whisky is widely available in India, including Delhi, with various pack sizes, including 90 ml, 180 ml, 375 ml, and the standard 750ml bottles.

maqintosh whisky price in delhi

Maqintosh Whisky price Delhi

Brand Name with Size Price
Maqintosh Silver Edition Whisky 60ml ₹75
Maqintosh Silver Edition Whisky 180ml ₹225
Maqintosh Silver Edition Whisky 375ml ₹450
Maqintosh Silver Edition Whisky 750ml ₹900

About Mc Dowell

Brand name Maqintosh
Country India
Manufacturer Amrut Distilleries
Alcohol Percentage 42.8%


Q. What is the price of Maqintosh whisky 750 ml in Delhi?

A: The price of this MaQintosh Whisky around ₹900 for 750ml bottles. For current information about their price, please visit local liquor shops or authorized distributors.

Q. What is the alcohol content of MaQintosh whisky?

A: The alcohol content of MaQintosh whisky is typically around 42.8% ABV (Alcohol by Volume).

Q. Where can I buy MaQintosh whisky in Delhi?

A: In Delhi, you can buy MaQintosh whisky at licensed liquor shops, wine stores, and retail outlets.

Q. What are the different variants of MaQintosh whisky in India?

A: MaQintosh offers different variants, including:

  • MaQintosh Silver Edition
  • MaQintosh Premium Whisky

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