McDowell Whisky price in Rajasthan [Updated 2023]

If you are looking to purchase McDowell’s whisky in Rajasthan, in this article we provide details regarding McDowell whisky price in Rajasthan with the specific variant and the size of the bottle. For other state please visit McDowell whisky price in India. McDowell is most selling whisky brand in India. Well-Known for its smoothness, and sweetness taste.

In Rajasthan, McDowell’s whisky is available at various liquor stores, supermarkets, and bars.

McDowell Whisky price in rajasthan

McDowell Whisky price Rajasthan

Brand with Volume Price
Mc Dowells No.1 Deluxe Collection Whisky 90ml ₹75
Mc Dowells No.1 Deluxe Collection Whisky 180ml ₹145
Mc Dowells No.1 Deluxe Collection Whisky 375ml ₹295
Mc Dowells No.1 Deluxe Collection Whisky 750ml ₹580

About Mc Dowell

Brand name McDowell’s
Country India
Owner United Spirits Limited

McDowell Whisky Alcohol Percentage

McDowell whisky typically ranges from 40% to 42.8% Alcohol by Volume (ABV).


Q. How does McDowell’s whisky taste?

A: McDowell known for it’s smoothness, and sweetness taste, making them appealing to those who appreciate diverse taste experiences

Q. McDowell’s Whisky available in different bottle sizes in Rajsthan?

A: McDowell’s Whisky common sizes include 60ml, 180ml, 375ml, and 750ml bottles.

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