Officer Choice Price Delhi 2023 [Updated List]

Officer Choice Price Delhi: Officer Choice is an Indian whisky brand founded in 1988 manufactured by Allied Blenders & Distillers. It is the best selling spirit brand in world as 2015. Officer’s Choice has variants including Officer’s Choice Blue, Officer’s Choice Prestige, and Officer’s Choice Black.

If you are interested in purchasing Officer Choice whisky in Delhi and want to know about their prices, in this article we sharing information about Officer Choice whisky price in Delhi in each volume size (90ml, 180ml, 375ml, 750ml)

Officer Choice Whisky Price in Delhi

In Delhi, the price of Officer Choice Whisky can vary based on areas, bottle size, variants, and other factors. Check below OC prices with whisky variants in Delhi.

Officer Choice Price Delhi

Officer’s Choice Rare Whisky Price

180ml ₹70
375ml ₹170
750ml ₹290

Officer’s Choice Blue Deluxe Grain Whisky Price

90ml ₹45
180ml ₹90
375ml ₹185
500ml ₹245
750ml ₹370

To get the current pricing information Officers Choice whisky, I recommend checking with your near local liquor stores or online retailers that sell alcoholic beverages in your city.

About Officer’s Choice Whisky

Brand name Officers Choice
Type Indian Whisky
Alcohol Percentage 42.8% ABV (alcohol by volume)
Colour Brown
Official Website

Available Quantity in Delhi

Available in 750ml, 500ml, 375ml, 180ml & 90ml


Q. What variants of Officer’s Choice Whisky are available in Delhi?

A: Officer’s Choice offers different variants, including Officer’s Choice Blue, Officer’s Choice Black, and Officer’s Choice Prestige.

Q. What is the taste profile of Officer’s Choice Whisky?

A: The taste of Officer’s Choice whisky is a smooth and mellow flavor with hints of oak and caramel.

Q. What is the Price of Officer’s Choice Blue 750ml in Delhi?

A: In Delhi, Officer’s Choice Blue Deluxe Grain Whisky price is 370 rupees

Q. Where can I buy Officer Choice whisky in Delhi?

A: Officer Choice is widely available across Delhi and can be found in bars, liquor stores, supermarkets, where alcohol sales are permitted.

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