Rockford Whisky price in Mumbai [Updated 2023]

Hello friends, if you are looking for Rockford Whisky price in Mumbai, in this post we sharing details about Rockford Whisky Prices with different variants and size of bottles (60ml, 180ml, 375ml, 750ml).

Rockford is a Indian whisky brand. The portfolio of the House of Rockford includes two products: Rockford Reserve and Rockford Classic.

Rockford Classic is a Fine Blended Whisky, blended with superb Charcoal Filtered Indian Grain spirits. Rockford Reserve Made from Rarest Oak Aged Scottish Malt Whiskies blended with the Finest Charcoal Filtered Indian Grain Spirits.

rockford whisky price in mumbai

Rockford Whisky price Mumbai

In Mumbai, the price of Rockford Whisky price can vary depending on several factors. Here, we list out updated Whisky price for Rockford in Mumbai 2023, for whisky lovers.

Rockford Reserve Whisky Price

Rockford Reserve Whisky 60ml ₹130
Rockford Reserve Whisky 180ml ₹400
Rockford Reserve Whisky 375ml ₹790
Rockford Reserve Whisky 750ml ₹1575

Rockford Classic Whisky Price

Rockford Classic Whisky 180ml ₹340
Rockford Classic Whisky 375ml ₹675
Rockford Classic Whisky 750ml ₹1350

About Rockford Whisky

Brand name Rockford
Type Indian Whisky
Manufacturer Modi Illva Pvt. Ltd.
Official Website


Q. How much alcohol is in Rockford Reserve?

A: It contains 42.8% Alcohol by volume

Q. How is Rockford Classic whisky?

The taste is smooth and mellow, yet with great depth and sophistication appealing to the discerning whisky drinker.

Q. What is the price of Rockford 750ml in Mumbai?

Rockford Classic Whisky – ₹1350 for 750 ml
Rockford Reserve Whisky – ₹1575 for 750 ml

Q. What is the price of Rockford 375ml in Mumbai?

Rockford Classic Whisky – ₹675 for 375 ml
Rockford Reserve Whisky – ₹790 for 375 ml

Q. How is Rockford Reserve whisky?

The taste is Smooth & Mellow, yet complex with maturity and a soft sweetness balanced by oak and fruit.

Q. Where can I buy Rockford whisky in Mumbai?

A: Rockford Whisky is available in Mumbai, you can buy from licensed liquor shops, supermarkets, bars, restaurants.

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