Teachers Whisky Price in Mumbai [Updated 2023]

Teachers Whisky is a well known Scotch whisky brand, Established in 1830 by William Teacher. Made by combining malt whiskies from different distilleries with grain whisky. In this article we sharing details about Teachers Whisky Price in Mumbai. For current information about their price, please visit local liquor shops or authorized distributors. For other state you may visit on Teachers Whisky Price in India 2023 for all over India.

teachers whisky price in mumbai

Teachers Whisky price Mumbai

Name Volume in ml Price
Teacher’s Origin Scotch 60ml ₹250
Teacher’s Origin Scotch 750ml ₹3420
Teacher’s Highland Cream 60ml ₹240
Teacher’s Highland Cream 180ml ₹680
Teacher’s Highland Cream 375ml ₹1385
Teacher’s Highland Cream 750ml ₹2700
Teacher’s Highland Cream 1000ml ₹3400
Teachers 50 Whisky price 60ml ₹260
Teachers 50 Whisky price 180ml ₹815
Teachers 50 Whisky price 375ml ₹1660
Teachers 50 Whisky price 750ml ₹3235
Teachers 50 Whisky price 1000ml ₹3850
Teachers Aged 12 Years Golden Thistle 750ml ₹4275

Teachers Whisky variants in Mumbai

Teachers Whisky offered a few different variants for whisky drinkers. Below you can see some of the common variants of this Scotch whisky brand:

Teachers 50

Blended with 50% malt for a richer flavour. Blend of single malt Scotch and grain Scotch whiskies.

Tasting Notes
Colour – Dark rich amber
Aroma – Deep and robust maltiness with hints of pear and sherry maturity.
Finish – Long, spicy with suggestion of smoke.

Teachers Origin

This premium blend is one the highest stature, it has the highest malt content at 65%.

Tasting Notes
Colour – Dark rich amber.
Finish – Exceptionally long lasting.

Teachers 12

This variant represents a 12-year-old age statement. Smooth and sophisticated smoky whisky. Matured in both American Oak & European Oak casks.

Tasting Notes
Color – Golden.
Aroma – Rich malty burst together with fruity fragrance and drier peat flavor.
Finish – A full body & a rich, distinctly sophisticated smoothness.

Teachers Highland Cream

Brand of blended Scotch whisky produced in Scotland and one of the most popular variant of Teachers Whisky. Blended with malt and grain whiskies. Known for its smooth and well-balanced taste.

Tasting Notes
Color – Dark rich amber.
Aroma – Deep and robust maltiness accompanied by a gentle Highland peat smoke tang.
Finish – Well balanced with a clean busy flavored fullness that ends with a slow fading of flavors.

About Teachers Whisky

Brand name Teachers Whisky
Type Scotch whisky
Manufacturer Beam Suntory
Country of origin Scotland
Official Website teacherswhisky.com


Q. What are the different variants of Teachers Whisky available in Mumbai?
A: In UP, Teachers Whisky offers different variants, including the Teachers 50, Teachers Highland Cream, Teacher’s Golden Thistle 12Yrs, and Teachers Origin.

Q. Where can I buy Teachers Whisky in Mumbai?
In Mumbai, Teachers Whisky is typically available in Liquor Stores, duty-free shops at the Mumbai airport, Online Liquor Delivery Platforms, retail outlets, and bars.

Q. What does teachers taste like?
A: Teachers Whisky is known for its smooth and well-balanced taste.

Q. What is the alcohol content of Teachers Whisky?
A: The alcohol content of Teachers Whisky is 40% ABV

Q. Teachers Aged 12 Years Golden Thistle Price in Mumbai 750ml

Teachers Golden Thistle Whisky price in Mumbai is around ₹4275 for 750ml bottle

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