What is Indri Whisky?

Is a single malt whisky produced by Piccadily Distilleries in India. It is made from indigenous six-row barley grown in Rajasthan and is matured for a minimum of three years in ex-bourbon, ex-wine, and ex-PX sherry casks.

History of Indri Whisky

The story of Indri Whisky began in 2012 when Piccadily Distilleries set out to create a single malt whisky that would showcase the unique terroir of India.

Making Indri Whisky

That involves several steps, including: Malting, Kilning, Mashing, Fermentation, Distillation, Maturation

Tasting notes for Indri Whisky

Indri Whisky has a complex flavor profile with notes of: Smoke, Candied dried fruits, Toasted nuts, Subtle spices Oak, Bittersweet chocolate

Awards and accolades for Indri Whisky

Indri Whisky has won numerous awards and accolades, including: Gold Medal at the Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition 2023

How to enjoy Indri Whisky

Indri Whisky can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or with a splash of water.

Food pairings for Indri Whisky

Indri Whisky pairs well with a variety of foods, including: Smoked meats, Aged cheeses, Dark chocolate, Spicy cuisine

Cocktail recipes with Indri Whisky

Indri Whisky can be used to make a variety of cocktails, including: The Indri Old Fashioned, The Indri Manhattan, The Indri Sour